Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A musical weekend..part two

Sunday evening saw me taking my little friend Mandy to my favourite folk club..well, she is a friend's daughter, she is 23 and we get on like a house on fire, and I used to teach her the guitar, I introduced her to folk music. She said she had never been to a folk club so I treated her to an evening with Chris While and Julie Matthews, two of the most talented singer songwriters I have ever heard. They put all of their life experiences into their songs and sing them from the heart..... the chorus of one sing cut me to the quick..
'How can I go on? How can I manage? When loving you leaves me like storm damage?' Come on girls, we can all identify with that....

I had to buy their new album, Together Alone, and I can play it in the car while I am driving..did I mention I was driving again???? I saw the lvoely Caroline there..a pleasure as always, and it's good to share a hug....

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1 i z said...

The it the same person twice? Or do they just share the same (I almost hesitate to use the term) hairdresser?

Still I guess it's Supercuts on a Folk Singer's wage...I mean one of 'them' can't even afford shoes....shudder...can you imagine?!? ;-)

PS meant to ask, are you driving again now? ;-)