Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New-ish Year....

Well, it's January 16th. My New Year resolutions were, roughly, eat less, exercise more, be happy, be creative, write more, return to regular blog writing....mmm.. not sure if I have been successful with any!!!

I am much better, after some very difficult months. Sleeping better, more in control and, yes, happier, but then that's not difficult! Seriously, there is a return to the old me, or something like it. I still have good and bad days, but more good than bad. Have I ever said how lucky I am to have such good friends?

I actually did start writing a blog entry back in November. I went to SF's (camp, funny, you know...) birthday/firework party, drove there on my own, determined to be sociable and have a good evening. On the way I listened to radio 2, and heard a programme all about the song 'Hallelujah.' Not only did it have quite an effect on me, soon Merlin had mentioned it on his blog, and then blow me down, if it didn't feature on X factor.... I think I saved the blog entry as a draft, if I have, I'll download it now.... Happy New Year.


Rainbow dreams said...

Happy New Year Sally :) I am with you on the eating and exercising thing, all we can do is try.
It was great to meet you there :)

Kathryn said...

I think you'll find he's "Camp ...QUITE funny" you know!
Welcome back, sweetie
Love you lots xxxx

1 i z said...

Welcome back lovely lady.

Merlin said...

But she's vanished again. Come back, we miss you.